Thursday, March 26, 2015

Twin Girls Senior Shoot

Representing the Class of 2015, we have Jen and Stef! To say this was a fun day would be an understatement. These girls seemed shy at first but then they opened up quickly an we were laughing. Mom was a GREAT help with props and outfit changes, too.


A Beautiful Family of Five!

Their smiles had me from the start and that red hair was perfect with the fall colors! This football-loving family rocked their family photoshoot.

Did I not say that their smiles were contagious? Because they totally were. ;)  Thanks again for sharing your day with me and allowing me to capture your beautiful memories.

Amazing Eliza!

Talk about stealing my heart -- this little girl sure did! Once she figured out that she was the star of the day for her photoshoot, she took great pride in it. Not only did she pose for me (and her mom), but she ran up to me after I would take a pic so she could see the results. What a beautiful little girl!


A Late Summer Senior Boy Shoot!

Meet Noah! He was an incredibly sweet and mature young man who is into art, and quite talented from what I heard. I very much enjoyed talking to his mom about Noah's accomplishments, and even his little brother tagged along for the shoot. He made an excellent helper, and of course, I had to get a few snaps of him as well.

Brotherly love! I could tell the bond was strong between these two.

And here we see the loving bond between a mom and her boys. <3

Friday, September 5, 2014

Baby Announcement Session + family Pics

I was really honored when this family, whom I had the pleasure of shooting last summer, asked me to take their family pictures and ALSO, some fun pictures to announce some big news. We all had so much fun doing this, as these pictures show. What great and fun ideas! And what a gorgeous family.


Big family shoot!

Now, this session was a lot of fun! Here is a LOVELY mother and her children, two of them in town from the Chicago area, so they planned this shoot well in advance to time around the visit. What a beautiful family they are and there is a lot of love here. We did some large group shots, as well as of the couples, and some individual shots with the kids and Mom. We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!


Sweet "M" and her Dad!

This is a very sweet little girl who I think is a natural in front of the camera. I loved the "Daddy and his Princess" feel I got, and I know the love between these two is so strong. The weather was just perfect on this August day, and I was honored to capture these sweet memories. These will be going up on their wall, I am told!  :)

 Color, or black-and white? Both are nice!